‘4 Your Eyez Only’ is J. Cole’s 4th number one album

J. Cole did it again. 4 Your Eyez Only reached the top of the Billboard charts, making this his fourth album straight to accomplish the feat. The album released on December 9th and has quickly sold over 500,000 units, going certified gold in just over a week. Yet again with no features, the it’s quickly on its way to certified platinum. However, despite its fantastic sales thus far, it most likely won’t be the best-selling album of the year due to its late release. Drake’s Views will earn that accolade.

4 your eyez only.jpegThe successful sales of the album are unsurprising since the album featured some of the most meaningful rap lyrics ever. Songs in the album like Deja Vu, Immortal, Neighbors, and 4 Your Eyez Only will be around for ever because of their meaning, not their beats.

J. Cole proved to us again that he is one of the best. He outdid himself with this album and the phenomenal sales are well-deserved.



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