Kodak Black Music Coming Soon

Since Kodak Black was released from jail last , he’s been on his grind to produce new music. Within a matter of days, Kodak shot the Real Chill music video, was featured on Weatherman by Yo Gotti, and produced and released a new song, There He Go. He references this quick turnaround in There He Go, saying, “Just hopped off the plane I just got out a day ago.”

Around that same time, Kodak teases us with another song in the making, Tunnel Vision, by recording a video of him and some of his Sniper Gang listening to a part of the song in the studio. The song, produced by Metro Boomin, is straight heat. Tunnel Vision could be part of a new album by Kodak, possibly a Kodak Black and Metro Boomin duo, similar to the album, Savage Mode.  Either way, it’s something to really look forward to in the new year.

A couple of weeks later, Kodak made a claim on Twitter that no one saw coming. He announced that he is a better rapper than Lil Wayne and that he’s the best rapper alive. Now, all respect to Kodak, but so far, he hasn’t shown that he’s even close to being better than Lil Wayne , and I think most people would agree with that. However, if Kodak releases an album with Tunnel Vision and more fresh songs, he might come closer to Lil Wayne’s level.



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