2017 is Future’s Year

Most of us have New Year’s resolutions. It could be starting a diet, exercising more, or, in Future’s case, becoming the best rapper possible and cutting off fake friends.

With that being said, on Instagram, Future Hendrix has deleted everything and unfollowed everyone except for DJ Esco. On Twitter, he posted a few cryptic Tweets hinting that he doesn’t trust anyone but DJ Esco– that it’s DJ Esco and him against the world. He also tweeted that in 2017, no one is safe, inferring that all other rappers will be his subordinate this year.

Other than being the best  hip-hop artist possible, we don’t know too much about Future’s plans for 2017. A bunch of rumors have flown around the internet, hinting towards an upcoming album. Although these are just rumors, based on the Tweets from Future, we know that at the very least, he’ll be working like a madman to produce songs, mixtapes, and more alongside DJ Esco.
dj esco and future.jpeg


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