New Music: Two Zero One Seven by Chief Keef

Chief Keef starts the year off right with a new mixtape, Two Zero One Seven, his first project since Bang 3, Part 2 in 2015. For the most part, the mixtape is pretty much what you would expect from Chief Keef. It has decent beats and catchy lyrics.The mixtape is 17 tracks, which are mostly produced by Chief Keef, himself.


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Unfortunately, after listening to this mixtape, I’m not impressed. The songs are too familiar to other Chief Keef music out there. Some of the songs have beats that are literally part of another Chief Keef song. As an example, there is a chime in Hit the Lotto that comes directly from Earned It. Aside from the beats, the lyrics are also trash and have no meaning. Chief Keef’s first album, Finally Rich, was about his success… that’s the same theme which has prevailed in every following project Chief Keef has released. Repetitive and not fresh. Overall, a 4/10.

Listen Here


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