Travis Scott kicks DJ off stage during show in Montreal, Canada

It was New Year’s Eve and Travis Scott was performing a show at the New City Gas club in Montreal, Canada. The crowd was roaring and it was lit… a perfect night except for the DJ.


Apparently, the DJ really didn’t know what he was doing and took forever to even play a song.  Then, after Travis Scott finally got him to play a song, the DJ accidentally hit the wrong button and terribly interrupted the performance.  Travis Scott, losing his patience, called the DJ, “…the worst DJ in Montreal,” and kicked him off the stage.

Without a DJ, there really isn’t a show, so Travis Scott walked over to the mixing station and saved the day!  He managed to pump the crowd up and started performing Antidote. Unfortunately, the DJ wanted yet another chance and walked back on stage, which further aggravated Travis Scott, eventually causing him to end the show early. Moral of the story: don’t be a terrible DJ if you want to mix for Travis Scott.


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