Underground King: Felly


Felly is lit.  This Connecticut native is an extraordinarily talented rapper with a slight chip on his shoulder: he’s white.  Unfortunately, there’s a stigma that white people can’t rap. I felly-3mean, no shade, but let’s think of popular white rappers… Iggy Azeala, G-Eazy.  Other
than Eminem, there are really no great white rappers, but Felly doesn’t let this discourage him. Instead, he has created some of the best hip-hop and rap music of all time.

On August 15th, 20011, Felly posted his first YouTube video, Grizzly Bear’s “Two Weeks” sample on the Maschine. It was a simple hip-hop beat he created, but it marked the beginning of a legend. Since then, Felly has gone from making smooth beats in his bedroom to creating bangers in the studio.felly-2

Felly’s music is very diverse. One song could be slow and about his homies, when another one can have a deeper bass and be about haters. However, something thing that remains constant is that all of his songs feature a generally mellow and chill mood. Felly utilizes his talents at both beat making, rapping, and singing to create songs which are fresh and bumpable.

Young Fel (EP)

Felly’s third project is an extended play (EP) called Young Fel.  Personally, Young Fel is my favorite project by Felly because the style of each song is unique so that they never get old or annoying.young fel.jpeg

Some of the songs in the album follow a pattern of starting slow and progressively getting faster and more complex. A perfect example of this is the first song in the project, Come Around Ma. The song begins with soft singing and gentle piano notes. Ever so slightly, the song begins to add instruments and background voices.  Around 90 seconds in, the song is fast and Felly teases the listener with a beat drop. Instead, the music just calms down and begins the cycle again, building up rapidly.  At around 160 seconds in, the song comes together in full force: unique sounds and instruments I’ve never heard before join with various voices to produce one of the best segments of hip-hop I’ve ever experienced (you don’t listen to Felly, you experience him).

But it’s not like every song in the project follow this pattern. Some start with quick rapping and hi-hats, whereas others focus on singing.  Regardless, every song in the project is unique and fresh in its own respect.


Based on his sheer talent, it’s a shame that Felly doesn’t receive much recognition. Only a couple million people have even listened to his most popular songs on Soundcloud. With the exception of the album, This Shit Comes in Waves, none of his plethora of songs have even made it on the charts.  There are plenty of rappers out there who are more popular than Felly yet are complete trash.

felly-4One of the main reasons Felly isn’t as popular as he should is because he lacks a solid record label. For him to be a household name,  a bigger rapper needs to discover him and take Felly under his wing. For example, Lil Wayne arguably created Drake’s career. Without the help of Lil Wayne, Drake’s hollywood career would have ended at Degrassi.

Slowly but surely, Felly is picking up steam. The fans that he does have are loyal and share his music. His popularity has grown exponentially since he was just making beats in his bedroom, however he’s just getting started.


Overall, Felly is hands-down one of the best rappers out there, right now. Unfortunately, his unique style and talent are unheard of among most of the hip-hop world.  He’s an underground rapper who deserves the fame and success of the chart-toppers.


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