Future to release yet another album–2 in 2 weeks

This has been a pretty busy past couple of weeks for Future. Throughout various songs, he has previously rapped about being on his grind and producing good songs fast. These skills have been put to the test multiple times and he impressed. For example, he and Drake put together What a time to be Alive within the matter of a few weeks.

With his upcoming release of HNDRXX, Future is proving to us once again that he can turn on Beast Mode. Less than two weeks ago, Future released an outstanding 17-track album with no features, called FUTURE. The album was and still is hugely popular with hits like Draco and Mask Off.

Shortly after the release of FUTURE, we were pleasantly surprised with the announcement of a yet another album. If this album is as successful and popular as the aforementioned, then Future will have further inscribed his name into the Rap and Hip-Hop hall of fame.

HNDRXX will release Sunday, February 26th. The 17-track album will feature Rihanna and The Weekend. It’s very atypical of Future to feature many artists in his albums, which is why only two features for two albums does not surprise me. When Future does feature artists in his songs, they are generally masterpieces. Hopefully, Future and The Weekend can find the same chemistry they did when they created Low Life and release another flaming song. As for the Rihanna feature, I am interested and excited to see how it will work out and sound.

Overall, HNDRXX is an album to be excited for. Despite the album being released shortly after another full album, knowing Future’s style and knowing that The Weekend and Rihanna are featured, the album could go down as one of the best in 2017.

Let us know in the comments about how you feel about Future’s speedy album-relesaing ability.


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